Partnering with DartPoints to Fulfill Clients’ Storage and Compliance Requirements

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Founded in 2002, Symfact is a global software company with an industry leading software platform for contract and compliance management solutions. They specialize in Contract Management, Legal Entity Management and Third-Party Risk Management, offering software that enables clients to effectively deal with compliance, reduce risk and increase efficiency and productivity.


Build and Maintain Cloud Infrastructure

Symfact’s software solutions are all designed on a single configurable technology platform. Though the platform can be hosted on-premise, more and more clients are opting to utilize a Software as a Service (SaaS)/ Hosted Private Cloud model.

Symfact didn’t want to allocate the funds to build and maintain their own Cloud infrastructure, though. “I’d rather spend that money on sales or skilled implementation staff – functions that grow the business and help our customers,” said Harry Angel, Symfact’s Director of North America. “I was looking for a partner that could handle our hosting needs, be available when we, or our prospects, have particular questions and could help when we had a client that needed a particular infrastructure.”


Combination of Cloud and Managed Services

Symfact chose DartPoints to help with their Cloud infrastructure and managed services. In doing so, Symfact provided their clients with access to the full scope of DartPoints’ products and services, all customizable to meet their needs. “If you go down the list of options that DartPoints offers, all are in play with our clients,” said Angel. Symfact clients take advantage of tiered cloud storage from SSD to SAS, public and private clouds, back-ups, vaulting, and managed firewalls – just to name a few.

Symfact’s chosen provider also had to be able to support HIPAA requirements and support redundancy and backups based on the criticality of Symfact’s application to the client’s business. Said Angel, “With DartPoints, we can guarantee customers a compliant infrastructure, complete with the flexibility to match their preferences and requirements for redundancy and backups.”


Supporting Symfact and Their Clients

“DartPoints enables us to give clients exactly what they need from an IT infrastructure standpoint,” said Angel. For their part, by relying on DartPoints to handle the cloud infrastructure and to support Symfact and their clients, Symfact frees up their time and money to focus on tasks and function to help grow the business more directly.

Finally, since Symfact became a client, DartPoints has provided the level of service that Symfact was looking for, with help from the sales cycle all the way through to supporting the client’s services. “DartPoints isn’t a vendor for us, they’re a partner,” said Angel. “We could not have been as successful or grown or supported individual customer needs over the last five or six years without them.”

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