Edge Colocation That
Gets Straight to the Point

Leverage the power of network interconnection & expand your reach by partnering with DartPoints.
Why DartPoints?

Hit New Targets with Local Interconnection

Our carrier-neutral Edge colocation data centers provide a strategic and affordable way to bring you closer to your audience, reduce latency, and create an enhanced user experience.

The Inner Circle

Our carrier-neutral partner ecosystems cultivate trusted partners, network interconnection & collective growth.

Flexible & Scalable

The pay-as-you-grow model eases the cost of entering new markets & maximizes scalability.

Local Peering

Exchange information locally & across partner networks forever changing the way you deliver services to your customers.

Cutting Edge Facilities

Our Edge data centers are secure, powered, cooled & N+1 for ultimate server protection.

dartpoints edge colocation and interconnection data center
Pioneering the edge

Bringing Connectivity to Communities

Communities are starving for reliable connectivity. The need is compounding exponentially as the world becomes increasingly dependent on data, so we’ve created a targeted solution. We’re hitting the trails to create colocation edge data centers in underserved areas, and we’re looking for partners like you.

Who We Serve

Network Service Operators

Expand Your Reach,
Reduce the Risk

Content providers

Faster Provider, Happier Subscriber

Cloud providers

Accelerate Access, Enhance Service

Content delivery networks

End-to-End Delivery, Optimized


Dublin, OH

North Liberty, IA

Dallas, TX

Fort Worth, TX

DartPoints' Data Centers

Connecting Your Network to Areas That Need It Most

Our Edge Data Centers are strategically placed in locations that need an extension of connectivity. From far edge to ultimate edge, we go where our partners can immediately solve latency issues for greater opportunity and growth.

You're In
Good Company

DartPoints Adds Proven Internet Exchange Capabilities with Initial Deployment..
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Evolving the Edge in 2021
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