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Interconnection Edge Data Centers

DartPoints’ state-of-the-art, interconnection edge data centers offer more than just the ease of colocation, they create connectivity, sustainability, and collective growth internally and externally.

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Experience the Fringe Benefits of Our Edge

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Dublin, OH

Asheville, NC

North Charleston, SC

Cincinnati, OH

Columbia, SC

Columbus, IN

Greenville, SC

Spartanburg, SC

Baton Rouge, LA 1

Baton Rouge, LA 2

Shreveport, LA

Data Center Locations

A World of Opportunity

Our Edge Data Centers are strategically placed in locations that need an extension of connectivity, from the edge to far edge and ultimate edge. In small towns, municipalities, and suburbs, we go where our partners can immediately solve latency issues for greater opportunity and growth.
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custom colocation services

Edge Deployment Solutions

As colocation experts, we’ve defined solutions that enhance the partner experience and ease the challenges of deployment. Whether you need infrastructure procurement, installation and turn up, or storage and logistics, we can help.

Managed Security
Cloud Services

Your Needs, Our Expertise

Utilizing the right cloud infrastructure for each unique task streamlines operations, minimizes expenses and enables compliant growth. With a myriad of cloud services available, our team of experts will craft the perfect enterprise solution.

Managed Services

Extend Your IT Team

Your IT infrastructure requires a consistent, hands-on approach to keep your critical infrastructure and business information secure and operational. DartPoints provides comprehensive and cost-effective support with a variety of services centered around helping you store, access and protect your valuable data.

Bare Metal

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