Rules & Regulations

  1. The Policy StatementThe following DartPoints Data Center Rules and Regulations (the “Data Center Rules”) represent the e-hosting/co-location best practices in order to: (a) ensure the safety and security of individuals and equipment are maintained at all data centers (“Data Centers” or the “Premises”) operated by DartPoints Operating Company, LLC (“DartPoints”), and (b) ensure service availability and reliability for Data Center customers (“Customers”).
  2. PurposeThese rules are intended to ensure the safety and security of individuals and equipment at DartPoints Data Centers.
  3. ScopeThese rules and regulations shall apply to all individuals accessing DartPoints Data Centers.
  4. Details of Data Center Rules & Regulations Policy 

    4.1 General Guidelines

    1. All Customers and Customer representatives shall be subject to constant surveillance while on the Premises and must carry proper identification with them at all times. Customers will also be required to
      authenticate (in multiple locations, in some instances) in order to gain access to certain areas of the Premises.
    2. All Customers and Customer representatives shall conduct themselves in a courteous professional manner while on the Premises. Customers shall refrain from using any profanity or offensive language.
    3. Customers may not tamper with or in any manner adversely affect security, infrastructure monitoring, and/or safety systems within the Premises, or with any equipment/infrastructure of other DartPoints customers.
    4. Customers must cooperate with Data Center personnel, while within the Data Center, including immediately addressing any violations of rules when brought to the Customer’s attention.
    5. Customers shall take and are solely responsible for proper safety precautions when entering the Data Center, including but not limited to avoiding contact with open electrical wiring/ power supply boards or other potential sources of electrical shock, and avoiding any open floors/ceilings which may be kept open for maintenance or other purposes.
    6. Customers will be required to keep their assigned areas – as defined in Customer’s Master Service Agreement (“MSA”) with DartPoints – and common areas free of clutter, upon leaving the Premises.
    7. Customer is solely responsible for reading and being familiar with all emergency exit instructions upon entering the Data Center and keeping emergency exits free of rubble and obstacles.
    8. Data Center personnel shall have the right to audit and access all assigned Customer areas as may be required in the sole discretion of DartPoints.
    9. Smoking is not permitted at any time in the DartPoints Data Center building. Smoking outside the building shall be in designated areas only.
    10. No food or beverages are permitted in the Data Center equipment area at any time, except in common areas. Refrigerator, coffee machine, water, soft drinks, and common food are self-serve. Customer should label all consumables, if not for general consumption. All food or open containers will be discarded every Friday at 5pm, and DartPoints will not be responsible for any containers discarded, lost, or stolen.
    11. No cardboard, plastic, or paper is allowed inside the Data Center equipment area at any time.
    12. No chairs or tables of any type are permitted inside the Data Center equipment area, other than those items specifically approved by DartPoints.
    13. Open-toed shoes/sandals/flip-flops are not permitted in the Data Center equipment area.
    14. All Customers and Contractors will abide by all DartPoints safety and security regulations for the Premises as well as all federal, state and local regulations.
    15. DartPoints will periodically conduct routine scheduled maintenance of its Data Centers. In the event a mission critical maintenance situation arises (to be determined in the sole discretion of DartPoints), DartPoints may be required to perform emergency maintenance at any time. During these scheduled and emergency maintenance periods, Customer’s equipment may be unable to transmit and receive data and Customer may be unable to access the Customer equipment. Customer agrees to cooperate with DartPoints during the scheduled and emergency maintenance periods.

    4.2 Security & Video Surveillance System

    1. DartPoints Data Centers are secured facilities and equipped with permanent and visible security cameras for video surveillance, monitoring, and authentication.
    2. Facilities housing DartPoints Data Centers are also secured facilities and equipped with security measures and cameras.
    3. Cameras are used to monitor all areas of the facility including lobbies, common areas and Data Center equipment area. Violations, noted by cameras, will be addressed promptly, and where deemed appropriate in DartPoints’ sole discretion, fined and prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law.
    4. Facial recognition technology may be used in the Data Center facility: Customers shall remove hats, hoods, and sunglasses upon entry to the Data Center facility.
    5. Customers may not tamper with or remove any surveillance equipment.
    6. Customers are not permitted to install their own video monitoring system in the Data Center.
    7. Any use of cameras, video and other photographic equipment is prohibited.
    8. Customers are not permitted to take photographs without prior approval.
    9. Video is stored remotely off-site and is backed up on routine and random schedules.
    10. There is 24×7 security on premise, actively monitoring facility entrance.

    4.3 Data Center Entry

    1. DartPoints Data Centers have a restricted, dual-ID access policy. Only individuals who have been authorized and documented by DartPoints may access the Data Center facility.
    2. Customer will provide a customer personnel access list to DartPoints, which DartPoints will keep on file and match routinely with log in records. Customer is solely responsible for notifying DartPoints immediately in
      the event of any changes to such access list.
    3. All authorized personnel will need to submit a bio scan, facial photo, and background check (requiring a government provided ID – Drivers License or Passport ONLY – with names matching EXACTLY) prior to accessing
      any DartPoints Data Center facility. This information will be protected by and used only by DartPoints for security purposes. It will be stored securely off-site and destroyed, when access is no longer required.
    4. Each authorized person will receive an RFID card, linked to his/her bio information and facial photo. The RFID card will not work without bio confirmation.
    5. Under NO circumstances is an individual allowed access without RFID, ID, and bio, WITHOUT a DartPoints’ escort. Example: if two customer employees arrive to install a server and only one is registered and authorized, the unregistered and unauthorized person will need to a) request and be granted authorization by DartPoints and/or b) be escorted by DartPoints’ personnel, prior to entry.
    6. Authorized personnel have 24×7 access to the Data Center facility.
    7. To schedule an escort, customer should create a ticket indicating the date/time of the visit or call the toll free number, access to both at
    8. All escorts should be scheduled at least 24 hours in advance.
    9. All persons entering the Data Center must:
      1. Possess a valid government issued photo ID.
      2. Have DartPoints’ authorization to access the facility.
      3. Log in and out on sheet located in man-trap, when entering the facility indicating the purpose of the visit.
    10. In case of emergency, only authorized personnel will be granted access to the Data Center facility, and the Data Center operations team will assist such personnel to open ticket on while onsite.
    11. Data Center doors must remain closed and locked at all times and may only be temporarily opened with supervision for short periods during transfer of supplies/equipment into the facility.
    12. Customer is responsible for access to customer racks and equipment. The Customer remains solely responsible for the activities of any authorized individuals working on Customer’s behalf.
    13. Customer is solely responsible for keeping customer racks and equipment locked and secured.
    14. Only Customer and DartPoints will have access to combinations and keys.
    15. DartPoints disclaims any and all responsibility for any activities carried out by individuals whose authorization is revoked and not updated to DartPoints by the Customer.
    16. Customer shall assume full responsibility for any actions, misconduct, etc. of their authorized individuals while on DartPoints’ premises.

    4.4 Customer Electrical Requirements

    1. Customers are prohibited from plugging their own power strips into rack PDUs (Power Distribution Units). This is in violation of electrical and safety codes and DartPoints reserves the right to remove any such unauthorized Customer equipment. In such event, DartPoints specifically disclaims any and all liability resulting from Customer violation of this policy, including any impact of such removal upon Customer equipment performance.
    2. Only C13 and C19 outlets at 208V is provided in the rack PDUs. 520 outlets are provided outside of the racks in the Data Center equipment area and may be temporarily used, if required.
    3. C13, C19, and 520 outlets are provided in the Customer preparation room.
    4. Power usage shall not exceed 80% of the provisioned value. For example, a Customer with a 20A circuit will be warned once usage exceeds 16A.
    5. Under NO circumstances shall Customer touch, move, or handle any PDU power cables. Customer must coordinate with account manager for additional power.
    6. Customer must coordinate with Data Center operation team for any issues regarding existing power.
    7. DartPoints reserves the right to monitor Customer’s actual electrical consumption and to charge Customer for any usage in excess of the amount ordered by Customer in accordance with DartPoints’ standard policy and at DartPoints’ standard rates, which may change from time to time as determined by DartPoints in its sole discretion.
    8. DartPoints can provide access to power utilization, upon request.

    4.5 Customer Space Requirements

    1. Subject to the rights of DartPoints, Customer is granted a non-exclusive license to access and use the Customer Space (as defined in Customer Order Form and/or MSA) for the purpose of installing, operating and maintaining its Customer equipment.
    2. Customer recognizes and agrees that DartPoints reserves the right to access the Customer Space to assess Customer’s compliance with these Rules and Regulations and any other provisions of the MSA which DartPoints determines necessary in its sole discretion.
    3. Customer is responsible for maintaining the Customer Space in an orderly and safe manner.
    4. Customer is solely responsible for re-locking Customer equipment after Customer departs from its Customer Space.
    5. Customers are permitted to utilize the space/rack allocated to them only for the placement of equipment. “Unracked” operating equipment outside the rack is strictly prohibited unless specifically approved by DartPoints in its sole discretion.
    6. Customer may not store any paper products, cardboard, boxes or other combustible materials of any kind in the Data Center equipment area.
    7. All empty boxes, crates, corrugated paper, plastic, foam packing materials, trash, and any other materials which are non-essential to the operation of Customers’ equipment shall be placed in the provided trash bin(s), located in the Customer preparation room. Flammable or hazardous materials shall not be stored in the Data Center under any circumstances.
    8. The creation of “office space” within the Customer Area on the Data Center Floor is prohibited.
    9. Customer space shall not pose any danger or hazard to employees that may be required to perform any service to the customer area.
    10. Customer are not permitted to bring /make use any of the following Prohibited items into/in the Data Center: (a) Food or drink (except in common area), (b) Alcohol, Illegal Drugs or other intoxicants, (c) Tobacco products, (d) Electro-magnetic devices which could unreasonably interfere with computer and telecommunications equipment, (e) Explosives or Pyrotechnics, (f) Radioactive materials, (g) Weapons, (h) Photographic or recording equipment, (i) Chemicals or Hazardous Materials.
    11. No free-hanging cabling (including cable loops) is permitted. Cable wrapping, wire management, zip ties and/or Velcro, must be used to organize cabling in the racks.
    12. Customers are not allowed to connect/cross-connect their equipment to any other Customers’ co-located equipment.
    13. DartPoints personnel will provide cross-connects, upon request by the Customer, by placing a ticket in the customer portal at
    14. Each piece of Customer equipment installed in the Data Center must be clearly labeled on the front and back sides with code name(s) provided by DartPoints.
    15. Customer should contact the on-site Data Center operation staff for assistance in the event that locks or doors do not function properly. Keys and combinations will only be provided by DartPoints to authorized Customer personnel on the Customer-provided access list.
    16. Cage/cabinet doors should be closed and locked to prevent unauthorized access.
    17. Customers are prohibited from lifting or moving floor/ceiling tiles, to the extent applicable. The sub-floor and above-ceiling area (if in existence) are restricted areas, accessible by DartPoints staff only.
    18. Customers are not permitted to put safe box/steel cabinet to store their hot spares inside the cage prior to approval from Data Center team.
    19. Customers will be provided a lockable storage locker for small tools and spares. Anything else should be removed from the site.

    4.6 Ancillary Data Center Equipment

    1. Data Center equipment such as tools, trolleys, monitor and keyboards – to the extent made available by DartPoints – will be available to Customers on a first-come, first-serve basis. Customer is responsible for all loaned equipment while it is checked out and shall return the equipment immediately.
    2. All DartPoints property are inventoried routinely, and Customer will be charged for any missing equipment or tools, based on log in.
    3. Only “crash carts” provided by DartPoints may be taken into the Data Center equipment area.
    4. Customer will be held fully responsible for any damages or misuse of data center equipment by their staff/vendor.
    5. No items can be removed from the Data Center facility, except for Customer-owned equipment and tools.
    6. DartPoints will provide and re-stock miscellaneous cables and connectors to be used but not abused by the Customer.

    4.7 Shipping & Receiving Equipment

    1. Customers are permitted to bring small “hand carry” equipment through the lobby while large equipment/shipments must enter the Data Center through cargo bay or any other area as may be required by DartPoints.
    2. Customer must open tickets and give 24 hours notice for any shipment/receiving items indicating the delivery date, equipment descriptions and courier name (shipping company) and contact and ensure that delivery will occur during normal DartPoints working hours. DartPoints expressly disclaims any and all liability resulting from any unscheduled or after-hours deliveries not specifically approved by DartPoints in writing. DartPoints reserves the right to levy additional charges for unscheduled deliveries of Customer equipment.
    3. Approval of shipping and receiving equipment will be given during normal DartPoints working hours.
    4. All packages shipped to the Data Center must include the Customer’s name, contact details and site information on the shipping label.
    5. The Customer is solely responsible for unpacking, uncrating, and movement of all equipment to the Data Center floor, unless requesting DartPoints to perform for a fee.
    6. Customer must ensure that delivered equipment gets installed on the same date. To the extent storage room is required by Customer and available, DartPoints reserves the right to levy additional charges for such storage. Use of any storage area(s) by Customers is not permitted without prior approval from DartPoints.
    7. A log shall be maintained by Data Center operations that identifies and verifies all operating equipment in the Data Center.
    8. DartPoints, for a fee, can assist with RMA or boxing requests with 24 hour advanced written notice.

    4.8 Removal, Replacement and Addition of Equipment

    1. Unless otherwise agreed to in writing, all Customer hardware must be removed from the Data Center no later than the Effective Termination Date, as specified in the MSA.
    2. Upon termination or expiration of Service, the Customer must return the Premises to the same condition as it was at the Commencement Date, and must remove any Customer equipment and other Customer property from the Customer Space. Any cost required to return the Premises to such condition, as determined by DartPoints in its sole discretion, shall be the responsibility of Customer.
    3. At least 24 hours prior to final removal of Customer equipment from their assigned Customer Space, Customer must open a ticket requesting a DartPoints escort.
    4. Approval of equipment removal will be given during normal DartPoints working hours only, unless otherwise agreed to by DartPoints in its sole discretion.
    5. DartPoints shall have no responsibility for any Customer equipment remaining on the Premises after one week from the expiration date, unless Customer has made prior arrangements with DartPoints to store such equipment beyond such time.

    4.9 Violation of Rules & Misconduct

    1. If DartPoints notifies Customer in writing of a violation of the Data Center Rules, or any other unsafe or unacceptable situation or practice, Customer must resolve the problem within 24 hours or provide a written undertaking and plan for resolution subject to DartPoints approval.
    2. If the problem is not resolved within the notified period by Customer, DartPoints will have the right to correct the problem at Customer expense.
    3. DartPoints reserves the right to remove any persons or equipment posing a threat to other Customers or DartPoints equipment or personnel.
    4. If certain violations or unacceptable practice are repeated by same personnel, access to Data Center will be denied.
    5. DartPoints reserves the right to suspend or cancel the Service (as defined in the Customer Order Form and/or MSA) for major misconduct and/or violations, as determined by DartPoints in its sole discretion.
  5. EnforcementAll DartPoints staff and DartPoints Data Center Customers must adhere to the Data Center Rules and Regulations; any attempt to violate this policy may be subject to disciplinary action, fines, penalties, restricted denied access, prosecution, or all of the above, to the extent determined necessary by DartPoints in its sole discretion.

    Disciplinary Action

    Appropriate response to violations of these rules shall be solely within the discretion of DartPoints. DartPoints reserves the right to update, modify or amend these rules, as necessary.