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Vision & innovation

Bridging the Gap of the Digital Divide

Since 2012, DartPoints has envisioned a world where everyone has equal opportunity to connect, communicate, and experience the brilliance that surrounds us. Empowered by possibility, we led the Edge data center revolution, recognizing and meeting the need for cost efficient and performance-driven interconnection. With 170 colocation data centers on the horizon, we’ve dropped a few pins with a big purpose.

Leadership Team

Scott Willis

President and Chief Executive Officer

Scott Willis
Brad Alexander

Chief Technology Officer

headshot website brad
Katie Oliver

Chief Financial Officer

Katy Oliver
Loren Long

Chief Development Officer and Co-Founder

loren long
Monty Blight

Vice President of Sales

headshot website monty blight
Dave Young

Senior Vice President of Operations

Dave Young
Community focused

Connection Centric

Our values are simple and human. We want to help communities thrive. We want to be a trusted partner. We want to see people create deeper connections with others, even remotely. We want to expand the edge to provide near-zero latency for telemedicine, online education, agriculture, entertainment, and beyond. We want everyone, regardless of where they live, to have equal access to life changing technology. 

about dartpoints interconnection and communities
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We want everyone, everywhere, to have equal access to connection and life changing technology.

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