How Colocation Data Centers Enhance Business Infrastructure

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June 24, 2024

Organizations of all sizes rely on a network of servers, hardware, and other equipment to function. Although, an in-house data center provides maximum control, the high cost and continuous maintenance requirements present considerable challenges for many businesses, especially those of smaller scale.  

This is why many businesses are turning to colocation data centers. 

A colocation data center is a collective space where organizations store their essential equipment. Additionally, businesses can lease an area of a state-of-the-art facility to keep their servers and hardware secure.  

Finding the Right Colocation Service Provider  

Colocation providers or data center providers offer much more than just a spot in a climate-controlled structure. A top-rated data center service provider offers a wealth of managed colocation services, ranging from exceptional security to constant customer support to ensure continued operations. 

So, how does colocation hosting work? Where can you find the best colocation service providers in your region outside of a basic search for a “colocation data center near me?” 

The following is a primer on colocation data centers, and you’ll have a better understanding of how your organization can have continual peace of mind by partnering with a data center service provider that will safeguard your equipment and enhance your business’s ability to function. 

What is a colocation data center? 

A colocation data center, also referred to as a “colo,” is an advanced facility that rents out rack space, cages, or even private suites to third parties for their in-house servers and other networking equipment. Fundamentally, the company itself owns the hardware and equipment.  However, the data center provider owns, manages, and maintains the space where these systems are stored.  

The primary features of a colocation data center 

Though colocation centers can vary, the best and most trusted colocation data centers have various features to ensure continual operations and protection for their clients. A sample of these features includes the following: 

  • Dedicated cooling systems, include air conditioners, ample ventilation sources, and more. 
  • Redundant power sources to protect against downtime, such as battery backup systems, backup power generators, connections to multiple power grids, and more. 
  • Redundant internet connections via partnerships with multiple network carriers or other initiatives. 
  • Exceptional physical security and structural protection measures, such as fire suppression systems, video surveillance, and even biometric protection measures. 
  • Network security via firewalls and other measures to prevent illegal access to systems. 
  • Experienced technical support and data center staff to ensure continued operations and answer any questions.  

These features establish one of the safest environments for an organization’s equipment. However, it’s important to note that this list represents the beginning of what is available. An exceptional data center provider like DartPoints can explain the details of managed colocation services and even tailor space and technical support to align with your unique needs. 

The key benefits of colocation 

The advantages of colocation hosting are numerous and substantial.  

Here are just a few key benefits of enlisting a data center service provider to ensure the security of your operational infrastructure.  

Cost Optimization through Shared Operation or Facilities  

 One of the most noticeable benefits from the onset is the cost. With colocation data centers, organizations of all sizes can access the most advanced facilities without incurring their own in-house maintenance and daily operation expenses. Instead, the third-party colocation service provider handles all the associated costs with running and managing the facility where the equipment is housed, and the client only pays for their required rack space.  

Security, Redundancy, and High Availability  

The security in a colocation data center is unmatched, and this includes all aspects of security, from network connections to the physical structure itself. In addition, the redundancy of power systems, network connections, and cooling systems ensures that there is minimal downtime. Therefore, even if a disaster or emergency occurs, an organization’s off-premise infrastructure remains secure. 

Supporting Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery  

 As stated, a colocation data center minimizes downtime during an emergency in every way possible. However, an exceptional colocation service provider offers multiple managed services and technical support to ensure business continuity in any crisis situation.  

With 24/7 customer support and a team of data center staff readily available to assist, organizations of all sizes can have expert assistance when it comes to disaster recovery and staying continually connected to the systems that are required to function.  

Ability to Focus on Strategic IT Initiatives  

 Another significant benefit of a colocation data center is scalability. Organizations that manage servers and equipment in-house tend to stick within the limits of their facility.  As new equipment is added, the in-house data center must inherently grow, and facilities need to be upgraded to avoid downtime – usually at an astronomical cost. This is not the case with data center providers. 

Additionally, companies can easily adjust the size of space they need for their equipment with ease, and the exceptional technical support and protection will remain the same. As such, a business can grow (or scale down) as needed, with minimal expenses incurred.  

Ability to Adhere to Any Regulation and Compliance Requirements 

 Organizations are likely required to adhere to specific regulations and compliance requirements depending on their industry, equipment, and other factors. Partnering with a colocation data center ensures compliance, minimizing the effort required from the organization.  

Selecting the ideal colocation provider starts with a conversation

Remember that not all colocation providers offer the same level of service or the same facilities. Therefore, having a colocation hosting partner that can meet and exceed all your needs is essential. Your servers, hardware, and other equipment are necessary for your organization. That is why a partnership with a colocation data center will dictate the success of your business to operate for the indefinite future. 

Partner with DartPoints for Premier Colocation Facilities  

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