Outsourcing Data Center Helps Rogers & Brown Save Big

Rogers & Brown


Rogers & Brown is a Charleston, South Carolina-based international logistics company that provides a full range of transportation services, from customhouse brokerage, international freight forwarding, and logistics to warehousing, and ocean and air transportation.


Moving Data Center Services Off-site

Rogers & Brown saw an opportunity to save money and a considerable amount of time by moving their data center services off-site. They had all of their information technology systems equipment in Charleston, SC with a small composite in their Greer, SC office. With the opportunity to invest in new server equipment, it made more sense to install everything off-site and take advantage of multiple fiber and Internet providers in one location and multiple backup generators without having to invest in the upfront costs of multiple networks and a secure power infrastructure. By moving their new equipment into an off-site location upon purchase, Rogers & Brown was able to avoid the hassle of moving their hardware.


Fully Dedicated Data Center, Delivered

Rogers & Brown interviewed several area providers and ultimately chose DartPoints for managed data center services. From their perspective, DartPoints offered all of the colocation and enterprise-class systems as their competitors, but they provided something their competitors didn’t — they showed a genuine interest in the future of Rogers & Brown and delivered on their promises. The company takes a lot of comfort in knowing their information is well cared for.

By partnering with DartPoints, Rogers & Brown was able to take advantage of all of the benefits of a fully dedicated data center without the hassle of running their own and without the cost of having to build one. They split their network to have it completely redundant between themselves and DartPoints.


Increased Efficiency and Improved Response Time

  • Realized significant cost savings on equipment and infrastructure
  • Eased workload for IT staff, increasing company efficiencies
  • Improved response time
  • Completely redundant network

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