Cloud Provider Checklist

Cloud Provider Checklist

Proven Industry Experience

  • Cloud infrastructure uptime guarantee with a history of meeting or
    exceeding SLAs.
  • Cloud migration strategy & technique experience.
  • Customer references and positive testimonials.
  • Multiple locations with high-speed data center interconnects for geographically
    redundant cloud-based disaster recovery.
  • Accreditation and certification from multiple tech partners.
  • Choice between full-service and self-managed.

Cloud Services and Management

  • Customizable solutions including public, private and hybrid cloud services.
  • Customer self-service portal for easy access to cloud resource performance and
    utilization monitoring and reporting.
  • Portals for self-management and control of your cloud resources including virtual
    servers, catalogs, networks, firewalls and VPN tunnels.
  • Flexible billing options to support rapid scalability of resources.

Infrastructure and Architecture

  • Best-in-class technology partners for ensuring and sustaining high
    performance requirements.
  • Limited fault domains to mitigate the risk of large-scale outages.
  • Multiple geographically distributed high availability compute clusters including
    automated load balancing and failover features.
  • Multiple storage tiers for operational and cost efficiency.


  • Redundant core and edge network infrastructure.
  • A performance-based network with private VLANs.
  • Custom cross-connects.
  • 24/7/365 support contracts with vendors.
  • Carrier-neutral facilities with access to the fiber provider of your choice.
  • Facilities with multiple Internet Service Providers utilizing diverse entrances.
  • Direct connections to multiple network providers.
  • 100% network uptime SLA.
  • Architecture designed to minimize downtime.

Disaster Recovery Cloud Services

  • Locations with high-speed inter-connects for dedicated, geographically
    redundant cloud-based disaster recovery strategy.
  • Data protection and resource reservations.
  • Regular cloud recovery testing.
  • 100% guaranteed uptime SLA.
  • Limited fault domains to mitigate the risk of large-scale outages.
  • Near real-time replication.
  • Multiple storage tiers for operational and cost efficiency.

Data Center and Power

  • Physical cloud components in secure and accessible locations
  • Facilities at least 50 miles from your primary infrastructure location
  • Locations outside of flood zone to avoid impacts from severe weather including
    heavy rain, hurricanes or snowmelt
  • Sufficient distance from major airports, government buildings, banks, refineries,
    military & intelligence facilities, dams, bridges, large malls, etc.
  • Background checks on all employees
  • Facilities with fully redundant cooling systems
  • Humidification/de-humidification systems
  • A & B power feeds for redundancy
  • On-site diesel generators that can power the entire facility in the event of area/
    regional power outage
  • Weekly test and quarterly load tests for generators
  • 24-hour on-site generator fuel capacity and unlimited capacity with
    existing fuel contracts
  • 100% power SLA

Customer Support

  • Technicians available 24/7/365
  • Skilled engineers with multiple industry certifications available to assist
  • After hours Remote Hands support
  • Tech support billed in 15-minute increments
  • NOC monitors all facility alarms, tickets and customer support