3 Benefits of Using Object Storage

3 Benefits of Using Object Storage

Data volume is growing at an exponential rate. Businesses today are challenged with finding a scalable, reliable and cost-effective solution for storing these massive amounts of data. Object storage can be combined with traditional storage methods for a practical approach to storing large quantities of unstructured data such as media files, archives and documents. We’ve listed the top three benefits of using object storage to resolve your data storage challenges.


Object storage utilizes a flat architecture and assigns individual objects a unique identifier to enable easy data retrieval and replication. Since object storage doesn’t have the cumbersome overhead required by traditional file architectures, nearly all storage device capacity can be utilized. This efficiency drives down the cost of object storage.

Keep in mind that though cost-effective, object storage is not simply a less expensive alternative for server storage. It is not meant to store databases, log files or frequently accessed data. The best use cases for object storage include:

  • Backups or archives
  • Media files such as images, music or video
  • Web content
  • Documents


Traditional file storage methods rely on a hierarchical architecture which can make data retrieval difficult as file volume increases. Because of its flat structure, object storage doesn’t have the architectural limitations associated with file and block storage and is scalable with a near infinite capacity. So, as data volume increases, this solution can easily and quickly accommodate growing storage needs.

Reliable and Highly Available

Object storage easily replicates copies of your data to multiple, geographically dispersed cloud nodes to ensure there is no single point of failure. This level of replication and resiliency is challenging using file and block storage methods. Additionally, at-rest and in-transit file encryption provides another layer of data protection. Erasure coding is used to ensure data can be restored in the case it is deleted or corrupted. It reconstructs the data pieces by using information stored elsewhere in the array. These methods of protection keep data secure and readily available.

Object storage can be a valuable part of your storage strategy, and can help you overcome many hurdles associated with storing large amounts of data. DartPoints’ Object Storage is ultra-durable with geo-diverse data replication and encryption both in-transit and at rest. It also offers cost savings that other providers do not, including unlimited API transactions, for zero surprises on your bill. Check out DartPoints’ storage offerings to learn more.