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Your data is the very backbone of your organization. It’s too important to lose, especially when protecting it is so easy. DartPoints’ backup service is scalable, configurable and highly reliable, ensuring your organization’s mission-critical data and applications are constantly protected and retained.

By ensuring that your workstations, servers and virtual machines are backed up, verified and monitored on a schedule that makes sense for your business, we make backups and restorations as easy as possible. Our expert team is as hands on as you need them to be and are available to assist with migration to DartPoints, installation of agents and any on-site appliances, management of backups and, most importantly, restoration of your files and systems if necessary.

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Office 365 Backups

Protect Your Office Data

Office 365 wasn’t built to provide data protection services. You need to adopt enterprise-grade backups that protect all of your Exchange, SharePoint and OneDrive data.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup

Backup Easy As 3-2-1

To have ultimate protection for your critical information, storing 3 copies of data on 2 types of media with at least 1 copy offsite is of the utmost importance. Veeam Cloud Connect, managed by DartPoints, makes this easier than ever before.

Veeam Cloud Connect Backup2 | Dartpoints

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