Edge Colocation Makes 5G Happen 

5G, meet Mobile Edge Computing

Expand Your 5G Network Coverage Today

Don’t let latency, network congestion, and lack of interconnection affect your 5G signal. Extend your 5G network coverage and deliver experiences users are craving, in places that 5G isn’t currently accessible. Partner with DartPoints to quickly and cost-effectively expand your 5G network by colocating at any of our select Edge data centers.

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Let’s Interconnect

Expand With the Right Team

The Edge and 5G are evolving together to significantly improve the performance of applications and enable huge amounts of data to be processed in real-time.

We’re calling upon mobile networks to bring their 5G network servers to our edge facilities and partner with us as we continue to serve new markets.

Content Provider Edge Computing

Independent Challenges

Opportunities at the Edge

Unparalleled Performance

We drastically shorten the distance content needs to travel to avoid the bottleneck and deliver content with near-zero latency.

Turn-key Colocation

Our multi-tenant, pay-as-you-grow model minimizes barriers of entry & mitigates financial risk, so you can confidently and quickly expand into markets.

Uptime Assurance

Our data centers are N+1 or higher & backed up by generators. Partners receive nationwide SLAs to ensure protection for their critical infrastructure.

The Inner Circle

Our carrier-neutral partner ecosystem provides a secure and reliable facility for scalable and collective growth, not competition.

Scale Seamlessly