Industries That Benefit From Edge Colocation

Growth for All Industries

Colocation Benefits Communities & Enterprises

Transform day-to-day lives and improve your bottom-line with Edge colocation and interconnection. We can help all industries grow and reach a larger network than ever before.

IoT & Smart Cities Can Reach Beyond

Emerging Tech

DartPoints’ interconnection data centers aid ecosystem partners in providing the Edge computing necessary to deliver incredible VR experiences, AI, smart cities, IoT, and machine learning.
Don't Let Latency Get the Win


Lagging is a gamer’s nightmareThe Edge enables gaming content providers to deliver incredible real-time user experiences at scale.

5G Trailblazers Welcome Here


Improved performance, better business. Deliver 5G services to the Edge. We can help expand your network and optimize customer experience.

Transforming Medicine Everywhere


Bring real-time data to the front-line. As technology evolves, our Edge data centers enables healthcare providers to deliver life-saving assistance remotely.
Class Is in Session


Online learning and assessments require minimal latency and a strong connection. Our edge data centers enable the education industry to thrive with greater connectivity.
Edge Interconnection Serves & Protects


From quicker EMS and police response to more secure utilities and enterprise applications, the Edge helps cities cost-effectively modernize and operationalize.
Greater Yields, Lower Costs


Our Edge data centers enhance maintenance, production, and farm yield by providing farmers and ranchers with the high-speed data they need to automate and streamline operations.

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