Networks Empowered by Interconnection


Expand Your Network Reach Without the Risks

We see the challenges that network service operators face and understand why they avoid entering new markets. If assuming the financial risks and time associated with building and operating data centers is holding you back from expanding your network, we have a flexible and affordable strategy for you. DartPoints’ carrier-neutral Edge interconnection data centers scale with you, when and where you want to grow, to help minimize the CAPEX and OPEX of market entry.

dartpoints' edge colocation data centers

Where Networks Harness the Power of Edge Computing

evolve at the edge

Our Partner Ecosystems Fuel Expansion

Each DartPoints’ data center has cultivated a thriving and supportive partner ecosystem. Accelerate business growth by leveraging interconnectivity with content and app providers, CDNs, network operators, and cloud providers. We’re giving you the ultimate Edge.

Network Service Operators Edge Colocation

Cutting Edge Facilities

Our edge data centers feature state-of-the-art security and power & cooling that protects your critical infrastructure in any environment.

Pay as You Grow

Our multi-tenant, shared-cost model minimizes barriers of entry & mitigates financial risk, so you can confidently and quickly expand into markets.

Local Peering

Carriers exchange information locally & across partner networks forever changing the way you deliver services to customers.

Uptime Assurance

Our data centers are N+1 or higher & backed up by generators. Partners receive nationwide SLAs to ensure protection for their critical infrastructure.

Let’s [Network] Together