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Edge Computing Enhances Subscriber Gratification

Our Edge interconnection data centers make it possible for you to satisfy and reach customers in Tier 2 – 4 markets. Attracting new customers is important, but it’s only half the fight. Retaining subscribers is the key to real growth. Stop losing customers because of limited content access and latency. Grow your brand and bottom line at the Edge.

The content demand struggle is real

But Opportunity for Growth Is There

No to Pricing Increases

54.6% canceled subscriptions are due to pricing increases

Yes to Added Value

40% of cord-cutters pay over $20 per service and plan to increase subscriptions

No to Latency Problems

10.4% canceled subscriptions are due to latency​

Yes to Customer Retention

The average household has 3.5 content subscriptions when satisfied

No to Limited Content

8.2% canceled subscriptions are due to limited content and lack of tools​

Yes to More Content

Americans subscribe to 27% more content services than other countries​

stop, collaborate & listen

Scale Your Subscriber List with Ease

DartPoints Edge interconnection data centers provide value beyond colocation. As an ecosystem partner, you increase customer retention by eliminating latency and providing world-class experiences. Additionally, you gain access to an ecosystem of untapped customers eager to experience your content. Growth starts here. 

Content Provider Edge Computing

The Inner Circle

Our carrier-neutral partner ecosystem enables NSO's, content and cloud providers, and CDNs to work collectively toward expansion.

Local Peering

Carriers exchange information locally & across partner networks forever changing the way you deliver services to customers.

Pay as You Grow

Our multi-tenant, shared-cost model minimizes barriers of entry & mitigates financial risk, so you can confidently and quickly expand into markets.

Beat Quarterly Earnings

Deliver expanded content libraries at lower delivery costs to increase subscriber retention and generate new subscriptions. Win, win.

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