CDNs, Get to Know DartPoints' Colocation

Avoid [Internet] Traffic Jams

Create New Content Delivery Routes

As users stream more from their devices, they rely on content delivery networks to satisfy their insatiable need for content wherever they go. Deliver a solution that eliminates the bottleneck of content by adding access points closer to your end users.

Content Delivery Networks Edge Interconnection And Colocation
High Performance Interconnection

Cash in on Caching Content

Our Interconnection Data Centers give CDN’s the infrastructure they need to expand their blazing fast content delivery to broader audiences across America. The beauty of DartPoints’ colocation is that your customers are roommates, sharing the cost of entering new markets with you. We’ve saved a spot for you in the Inner Circle as we transform content delivery.

Blazing Fast

We drastically shorten the distance content travels to deliver content with near-zero latency and avoid traffic bottlenecks.

Enhanced Security

Our facilities have 24x7 CCTV monitoring, dual authentication entry, and individually secured cabinets for added security.

Local Peering

Carriers exchange information locally & across partner networks forever changing the way you deliver services to customers.

Scalable & Affordable

With shared costs and our any building, anywhere model, we ease market entry and enable unlimited scalability.

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