Who We Are

We're On a Mission

Imagine a world where everyone, regardless of their location, has equal access to seamless connectivity and boundless opportunities. DartPoints is on a mission to create a network of over 170 colocation data centers strategically placed to bridge the digital divide and bring the brilliance of the connected world to every corner.

 Experience the potential for empowerment as DartPoints combines cost-efficient and high-performance interconnection points. With our vision, you can harness the power of connectivity to transform your business, communicate effortlessly, and explore new horizons like never before.

 With DartPoints on your side, you’ll have more than just a reliable, customer-focused tech company that keeps your data safe and secure—you will be part of a movement that brings equality in connectivity to all. Together, we are creating a better digital world where security and innovation is accessible to all companies, not just the large competitors.