DartPoints Delivers 24/7 Customer Support with Initiative for VCSY

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Vertical Computer Systems, Inc. (VCSY) is an international provider of application software, cloud-based and software services, Internet core technologies and intellectual property assets. Their products provide secure solutions for industries ranging from human resources to healthcare.


Critical Need for Uptime

Because of their large portfolio of platforms and applications, Vertical Computer Systems is complicated in their technology needs. As a cloud-based service and software provider, uptime is critical. VCSY upholds strict service level agreements (SLAs) with their clients, so their technology partner must be able to deliver the compliance and uptime they promise their customers.

Customer service and response time is also extremely important to VCSY. As an international company, they needed 24/7/365 access to technical support. Having already experienced the service pitfalls of a big-name data center, they wanted a provider who responded to issues quickly and offered live technical support rather than dealing with the hassle of automated support.


Leveraging DartPoints’ Flexible Cloud

VCSY chose DartPoints because they coupled high-touch customer support with solid, secure infrastructure and multilayered redundancies. DartPoints worked with VCSY to engineer a scalable solution that would be able to accommodate future growth. DartPoints helped consolidate their infrastructure to a more cost-effective cloud solution, plus the flexibility of DartPoints’ cloud helps VCSY fine-tune their product offering to meet customers’ needs. DartPoints’ Backup service ensures VCSY’s critical data and applications are constantly protected and retained, and DartPoints’ experts are always available to assist with restorations.

DartPoints also provides 24/7 support that VCSY can rely on for fast issue resolution. When they call DartPoints for support, they appreciate that they’re talking to a live technician who actually knows their technology.


Better Support and Uptime

  • VCSY spends less time fixing problems and no longer worries about downtime affecting their customers.
  • DartPoints has gone above and beyond to ensure their data is always on, even recovering their data outside of their 7-day backup window.
  • VCSY looks to DartPoints as an extension of their IT team and can rely on their experts for technical insight and advice.

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