Veeam’s Latest Updates Reinforce Backup Solutions

cybersecurity in backup solutions
April 3, 2024

DartPoints has had a longstanding partnership with Veeam, which allows us to provide enhanced cybersecurity solutions across the board, especially when it comes to backup data and systems.  

Backup solutions are crucial for the continual operation of a business. However, routinely checking and protecting your backups can fall off the radar, as more attention is understandably paid to the systems that actively power your company every day. 

Here’s the good news!  It is becoming easier and more efficient than ever to automatically monitor and protect your backups from active or future cybersecurity threats. 

Introducing Veeam v12.1  

The latest update from Veeam (technically referred to as “Veeam v12.1” as Veeam Version 13 seems a bit unlucky) has a suite of new cybersecurity features. These features will enhance the complete security of your backups.  

Highlighted at the Veeam Resiliency Summit 2023, here are a few of this latest version’s top features, which we explored in a recent DartPoints podcast. The podcast features key Veeam team members David Gorman, Service Provider and Cloud Sales specialist, and Lee Rivas, Technical Systems Engineer. 

Key Cybersecurity Features in Veeam v12.1 

YARA Rules Integration  

YARA rules are essentially a set of fully customizable instructions or rules to identify targeted attacks and security threats specific to your systems, and your backups. With Veeam v12.1’s new Yara Rules integration, users can create one or many YARA rules to analyze their backups in-depth in case of an attempted cybersecurity breach.  

For example, suppose your company experiences a ransomware attack but everything appears unaffected. In that case, you’ll want to ensure that all of your backups have full protection for a peace of mind. With Veeam v12.1’s Yara Rules integrations (stemming from an open-source, continuously updated database), you can create a rule or multiple rules and run an analysis against your backup data.

Best of all, this is a very user-friendly feature that is easy to use. Furthermore, you can access and use it through a single interface. In addition, it’s you can easily execute the task at any time and whenever necessary. 

Inline Ransomware Detection 

Inline Ransomware Detection will detect, in real-time, any type of cyberthreat that has made its way into backups. Additionally, Inline Ransomware Detection accomplishes this in two ways, as there are two data engines that run the systems.  

The first is the data stream analysis (or threat analysis), which looks at image-level data and employs AI machine learning to investigate what is happening in your backups in real time. The second is the file system analysis engine, which looks at your index files for the presence of suspicious malware extensions, files, or other questionable activity in your backups.

This info can also be transferred to your SIM so you can be immediately alerted of any suspicious activity. Therefore, this is essential to prevent minor issues from becoming huge problems. This can also be automated and hands-free, so it takes no excess time to fully (and continually) review your backups. 

Veeam Incident API 

The Veeam Incident API is an open API developed by Veeam. This feature allows partner companies who are doing extended detection and response (XDR) or endpoint detection and response (EDR) to have real-time notifications between the XDR/EDR system and the Veeam backup service.  

For example, suppose a threat comes to the attention of your XDR/EDR system. Then, it will alert your designated point people. However, it will also alert Veeam, which will create a clean and automated backup to protect your data as needed.  

Enhanced Antivirus Integration  

Veeam has always been able to integrate with antivirus initiatives. However, this new advancement allows you to do antivirus scanning of backups, both on-demand and scheduled. As such, testing and reviewing your backups at will or on a desired schedule is straightforward to ensure continual protection.  

4-Eyes Authorization for Critical Actions 

4-Eyes Authorization adds an extra layer of security by requiring dual approval for critical backup operations. For example, if you’re making a significant change to your backup structure or doing a data backup restore, this requires two administrators to continue with the execution. This gives companies an extra level of defense against a rogue administrator from causing damage to their data backup and recovery efforts.  

There’s A Lot More to Explore with Veeam v12.1  

Remember that this is the tip of the iceberg when it comes to backup and data recovery features that accompany the new Veeam v12.1. There’s also the Veeam immutable backup (creating a backup copy of your data that cannot be altered, deleted, or changed in any way), automated backup and disaster recovery features, and much more. Best of all, when it comes to cybersecurity solutions, Veeam compliance standards, Veeam security certifications, and Veeam security’s best practices are the best in the industry.  

As a result, Veeam is raising the bar for enterprise cybersecurity solutions, and our partnership makes DartPoints one of the strongest and most advanced cybersecurity solution providers available. 

Cybersecurity Solutions with DartPoints 

There are several ways to explore these latest advancements from Veeam and how they can be customized and perfectly tailored to create cybersecurity solutions and cybersecurity risk management initiatives that will protect your backups.  

  • Check out an overview of what’s new in the Veeam Data Platform 23H2 update. Here you will find samples of the enhanced features that can be integrated into the cybersecurity solutions that you need for your operations. 
  • Listen to our podcast for a deep dive into these features and how they can be used via a host of real-world examples. 
  • Or just reach out to the expert team at DartPoints to learn more. We’ll help you uncover how to test Veeam backups, what features are new and exciting developments in the cybersecurity world, and how we can use these advancements to enhance your data backup and disaster recovery needs. 

Learn More About Data Backup and Cybersecurity Solutions with the Best Provider  

Your backup data and systems are essential. Therefore, it’s imperative that you have a cybersecurity solutions provider that’s at the forefront of new initiatives that make your operations and data safer across the board. 

Don’t just google “cybersecurity solutions near me” to find a resource and a partner. Reach out to the experts at DartPoints to start the conversation today. Let’s work together to find the winning combination of data backup and recovery tools that will provide unparalleled protection and peace of mind.  

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