Solid IT Background Enables Business Continuity Through Pandemic

Tupelo Honey Café
August 16, 2021


Tupelo Honey Café is a Southeastern-based restaurant chain that focuses on a revival of Southern food and traditions. The popular restaurant originated in downtown Asheville, NC, and the company has since expanded its footprint to include 18 locations across the US.


Finding an IT Partner

In the midst of a heavy growth phase, Tupelo Honey Café knew it was time to partner with a IT provider who could provide a secure and stable environment to house their data and systems and relieve some of the burden on their internal IT team. As a private company, it’s important to Tupelo Honey Café to have their proprietary financial data protected in a secure area. The restaurant group also needed a reliable business continuity solution to ensure their team members have access to the critical sales and financial data that keeps their business operations running across the country.


Advanced Backups Nearby

It was important to Tupelo Honey Café to work with a provider who came with positive recommendations by their peers. With DartPoints’ excellent reputation and close proximity to the company’s headquarters, DartPoints’ Asheville data center was the perfect fit for Tupelo, allowing for quick access to their hardware should they need it. DartPoints’ Asheville facility provides a safe and secure storage environment to protect the restaurant’s critical data.

DartPoints helped Tupelo Honey Café set up a hybrid backup strategy with multiple backup sources for their replicated sales data, which is updated on an hourly basis, for increased security and assurance that team members can access their critical data in case of a local failure or outage.


Thriving During a Global Pandemic

Due to Covid-19 restrictions, Tupelo Honey Café needed to restructure their operations in order to keep their locations open and continue to offer carry out services.

  • Having already partnered with DartPoints, Tupelo Honey Café was fortunate to have the IT infrastructure in place to provide the agility and support they needed to make the necessary changes to stay in business.
  • In response to the changes, DartPoints helped the company setup a VPN so that critical team members were able to continue working remotely and access sensitive data over the VPN.
  • With their sales data and financial reporting housed in DartPoints, Tupelo Honey Café’s financial and accounting teams were able to access the critical information readily and reliably so that they could continue to make crucial business decisions and keep their restaurants open throughout the pandemic.

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