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The Efficient Way to Exchange Data

DartPoints’ Bridge IXTM provides internet exchange point (IXPs) that enable content delivery networks, internet service providers, enterprises, and hyperscale cloud providers to interconnect or “peer” directly with each other. By peering, these entities get direct access to the networks they need with the added benefits of improved network performance, increased resiliency, and reduced connectivity costs.
Local Peering

The First Public IX in South Carolina

As the first IX in South Carolina, DartPoints’ Bridge IX gives local businesses, schools, content providers, carriers, and government institutions the ability to support local communities and exchange data within the state. DartPoints‘ mission is to foster and grow the local communities network ecosystem with our IXPs by providing a vendor neutral and scalable peering infrastructure that creates and encourages partnership opportunities for all of its participants.

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Benefits & Features

Better Internet Access via Bridge IX

What Is Peering & How Will It Benefit Me?

In order for the Internet to work, data must be exchanged between networks and organizations, like Internet Service Providers (ISPs), Content Delivery Networks (CDNs), enterprises and educational establishments. Typically this takes place via transit, where an end user pays another, larger, network operator to carry the traffic they need. Peering, on the other hand, allows these organizations to exchange their data directly at an Internet Exchange Point (IXP), such as one of DartPoints’ Bridge IX locations. By peering at an IXP, network operators avoid expensive transit prices (thereby lowering connectivity costs), reduce latency, increase throughput, and improve stability.

Internet Exchange
What's Next

Digital Next

DartPoints is once again evolving the edge with our Digital Next strategy. Digital Next combines hybrid cloud and digital infrastructure with Bridge IX and Liquid Edge℠, the company’s edge high-performance computing, or HPC offerings. Digital Next is enabling edge ecosystems for enterprises, carriers, and cloud and content providers. Discover how DartPoints is serving today’s cloud and colocation needs by building tomorrow’s digital infrastructure.

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