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DartPoints’ Bridge IX℠ provides the physical infrastructure or internet exchange point (IXP) where carriers, internet service providers, content delivery networks, enterprises, hosting companies, and hyperscale cloud providers connect locally. Bridge IX℠, our IXP, enables each DartPoints’ ecosystem partner to exchange internet traffic and interconnect directly through peering, instead of relying on third-party networks to carry traffic across the Internet. DartPoints’ teamed up with leading IX operator DE-CIX to deliver fully managed Edge IXs. These exchange points improve content and cloud access from day one for carriers and ISPs. Plus, they create partnership opportunities for premium and expanded services.

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Local Peering

What Is Peering & How Will It Benefit Me?

For the internet to work optimally despite increasing traffic, an array of network carriers, operators, and ISPs must exchange data quickly and frequently. Local Peering, or the exchange of data from one network to another provides a valuable solution for anyone in the IX ecosystem. Peering is typically cost-neutral, which increases revenue by decreasing data delivery costs. But peering provides more value than just reducing operating expenses. It dramatically lowers latency, increases throughput, improves cloud connections, increases stability, improves user experience, and ensures quality for increased customer retention. Combine the benefits of peering with the partnerships fostered in our ecosystem, and the value of joining DartPoints’ Bridge IX℠ is irrefutable.
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