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The Story


A leader in performance apparel manufacturing and digital print-on-demand services, Vapor Apparel offers high-quality clothing, bulk fabrics and various accessories manufactured in the Americas.

The Challenge

Need to Protect Mission-Critical Applications

As a fast growing apparel company headquartered in North Charleston, Vapor Apparel needs their technical environment to run smoothly and efficiently with little to no downtime. In the competitive clothing manufacturing industry, time is of the essence, and mere seconds translate to the bottom line. Outages from power or internet loss could greatly impact production and result in missed deadlines. Previously, Vapor Apparel managed an in-house cloud environment and enjoyed the benefits of maintaining technical control over their resources. However, they did not have power and internet redundancies in place to protect them in the event of an outage. Vapor Apparel sought a reliable cloud provider with the infrastructure redundancies in place to protect their mission-critical applications, including their CRM and ERP systems. This would allow them to increase efficiency without adding staff and provide a trusted partner to advise and assist with their changing needs as they continue to expand.

The Solution

Leveraging DartPoints' All-SSD Cloud

Vapor Apparel chose DartPoints as their trusted partner to create a Cloud solution that would fit their needs. DartPoints provided an All-SSD Cloud infrastructure that is purpose driven and delivers consistently high performance for all aspects of their application. DartPoints worked with Vapor Apparel to facilitate a smooth migration with no downtime. Together, the DartPoints and Vapor Apparel technical teams discussed best practices for migrating their VMs. This joint planning made the actual migration quick and easy to accomplish. Vapor Apparel was also able to easily create and spin up additional VMs on their own. This allows them to maintain the flexibility and control they enjoyed when hosting their own Cloud, but also gives them peace of mind knowing they have DartPoints built-in redundancies, backup systems and personnel available to ensure their mission-critical systems are always on.

The Results

Faster Performance and Better Insights

  • DartPoints’ team is always available to Vapor Apparel and prepared to provide insights to meet their technology and business needs as they grow.
  • The upgrade to All-SSD storage has provided Vapor Apparel with faster performance and processing times.

“The flexibility and storage performance has really made a difference in our processing times. We’ve been able to maximize our resources, and as we continue to grow, DartPoints is available at all times to offer their expertise. We have enjoyed all the benefits that we expected and appreciate the great service and attention to detail DartPoints provides,” said Vapor Apparel’s Chief Revenue Officer Chris Bernat. “Since switching to DartPoints’ All-SSD solution, our efficiency has continually improved. Now our VMs run incredibly fast, and our reboot times have decreased substantially from minutes to mere seconds,” comments Vapor Apparel IT Services manager Jennifer Hall.

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