Data Center Locations

United States Map Outline2 01 1 | Dartpoints

Dublin, OH

Asheville, NC

North Charleston, SC

Cincinnati, OH

Columbia, SC

Columbus, IN

Greenville, SC

Spartanburg, SC

Baton Rouge, LA 1

Baton Rouge, LA 2

Shreveport, LA

If We Build It, They Will Come

We Create and Operate in All the Right Markets

If you threw a dart at a map, our team could probably build a scalable, Edge Interconnection Facility wherever it lands. However, just like our clients, we don’t take unnecessary risks. Every Edge data center location we add to our network is highly-vetted or exactly where a customer needs it — from Class A and B office buildings to greenfield modular buildings. Our collaborative, shared-costs model minimizes your upfront and ongoing investment, so you can continue to scale with confidence.

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