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Should You Backup Microsoft 365? 7 Reasons why the answer is YES.
Did you know that over 80% of active Microsoft 365 accounts have suffered an email breach and over 70% have suffered an entire account takeover?  This makes Microsoft one of the largest targets for hackers with over 300 million users worldwide. These numbers are startling, but many businesses mistakenly assume that Microsoft provides comprehensive data […]
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What Makes DartPoints NOC Different and Why it Matters to Your Business
The individuals of the Network Operations Center (NOC) are the unsung heroes of the data center. They sit at “Mission Control” as the front-line of support, bridging the gap between the needs of the customer and the resources to solve that need. This blog discusses what makes the DartPoints NOC different and how they are […]
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Four Key Steps to Future-Proofing Your Business
Our environment and work are constantly changing. In the last few years, we have experienced naturaldisasters, a pandemic, economic concerns, and for many, a change in where and how we work. All thesefactors have made our IT systems and data more vulnerable to attack, and the need to future-proof ourbusiness even more critical. In this […]
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Lessons Learned From Today’s Ransomware Reality
When it comes to ransomware attacks, there are no dress rehearsals and no do-overs. The stakes are high, and when the moment strikes, you only have one chance to respond as quickly and effectively as you can. Once the tough lessons are learned, it’s too late. Luckily, our friends at Veaam have compiled responses from […]
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Why Businesses are leaving Hyperscalers for Alternative Cloud Providers
The shift to the cloud has accelerated over the past three years as organizations respond to new business and social dynamics. Gartner predicts that enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing will exceed 51% by 2025. With such a large percentage of IT spend going to cloud it is important to explore cloud solutions beyond […]
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Top 3 Trends in Data Management and Security for 2023
As we make our way through 2023, data management and security continue to be top priorities for businesses of all sizes, and — in a fast-paced, constantly-changing industry — it can be hard to keep up with the most important developments. Luckily, studies like Veeam’s annual Data Protection Trends report offer valuable insight into the […]
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Optimizing Your Hurricane Plan
Unlike other natural disasters like earthquakes or wildfires, hurricanes making landfall can be forecasted with reasonable predictability — and we can say with near-certainty that they will happen in certain regions of the country every year. This gives IT organizations ample time to execute disaster recovery (DR) operations to keep data and applications safe. Despite […]
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Which is Right For You: Public, Private, or Hybrid Cloud?
Gartner predicts that enterprise IT spending on public cloud computing will exceed 51% by 2025. More than half of IT budgets will soon be dedicated to the cloud. With such an impact on IT budgets, ensuring you make the most of your investment is essential. You can choose between several cloud deployment models including public, […]
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5 Questions To Ask About Your Next Firewall
Deciding on which firewall is the best fit for your company can be complicated. As a security tool that is constantly evolving, the features and functionality of firewalls are changing all the time. What should you look for to provide the best possible protection? How can you ensure the best bang for your buck? Here […]
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5 Numbers You Should Know About Data Protection
You may have a great idea of where your own IT team stands on data protection, but what about the business beside you, or your main competitor’s office? What are the trends out there in the industry at large? Recently, an independent research team undertook the largest known industry survey ever conducted on the topic […]