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A solution that addresses all pain points

DartPoint’s on-site, distributed micro data center structure puts the power back in your hands, without the costs; and we can start today.

DartPoints has created a solution that addresses all pain points – cost, convenience and control – with a network of localized, distributed micro data centers. This nimble network sheds unnecessary fees while employing cutting-edge technology and maintaining the most rigorous industry and regulatory certifications.

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Convenience   |   Customization   |   Continuity   |   Cost Optimization   |   Compliance

Having cultivated relationships with building owners nationwide, DartPoints data centers are built and operated at or near your current location (and that includes locations not traditionally served by data centers), instead of forcing you to deploy your IT equipment elsewhere. No more driving across the city or, worse, across state lines. And 24/7 access to your IT equipment is only the beginning of the many benefits of staying local: you can optimize your network and eliminate distance-related lag and performance issues.If you have a particular city or region where you’d like a data center, just tell us. We’ll find the location.[Return to top]
Small size does not mean small power. Because DartPoints can customize the power and connectivity to your cabinet, you can deploy the system you need without worrying about future growth. With the ability to support cabinets with over 25kW+ of redundant power, DartPoints data centers excel at providing scalable environments for High-Powered Computing architectures. Whether you have special power, cooling or Internet access carrier needs, DartPoints can bring it all together within 90 days at a highly competitive price.[Return to top]
According to the Boston Consulting Group, over 60% of companies that lose their data will shut down within 6 months of the disaster. You must have confidence that your data center won’t go down and take your critical business operations with it. Our micro data centers offer a stable, secure environment for your infrastructure and our interconnected network of data centers provide a ready-made foundation for disaster recovery planning.

  • Performance continuity: DartPoints’ proactive network monitoring services and redundant Onshore NOCs (network operations center) provide timely alerts and online access to view the health of critical infrastructure and network, giving you insight and control.
  • Site continuity: DartPoints can meet Tier III data center specifications with comprehensive redundancies – redundant power, connectivity, cooling, and IT equipment – and offers a 100% SLA commitment.
  • Business continuity: DartPoints’ distributed data center network is inherently connected and constantly growing. We have constructed a powerful system that easily allows customers to have off-site disaster recovery sites in multiple locations.

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Cost Optimization.
We shoulder the capital expenditures, lighten the operational dollars and absorb the upkeep and maintenance. Our customers enjoy significant operational and capital benefits over other alternatives.

  • No critical infrastructure costs
  • No data center build-out costs
  • No cross-connect charges
  • No wasted or lost square footage

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The DartPoints level of convenience does not come at the cost of government or industry compliances. Every DartPoints SSAE-16 SOC1 & SOC2 certified data center is built to meet or exceed the most demanding industry and government standards, satisfying your needs for data center compliance requirements like HIPAA (healthcare) and PCI (financial industry).[Return to top]

How and why you use DartPoints is completely within your control and can change over time. Learn more about our technical capabilities and specifications , our company or contact us for immediate answers.