Performance through location

DartPoints has created a new way to address your ever-changing data and critical infrastructure needs.

By deploying at the location of your choice, DartPoints enables you to not only have the capacity you need today, but also allows you to easily expand for growth in the future. We empower you to take back your data decisions and better manage your costs.

Built on best-in-class technology, supported by highly trained and available staff and executed by a veteran team, DartPoints is the industry-compliant, high-performance, private colocation provider you can trust to serve your needs.

  • Colocate your IT equipment on-site or choose the desired data center’s location by address to meet your needs
  • Access your data center on-site 24×7
  • Customize the power and connectivity you need
  • Eliminate data center build-out, high cross-connect fees and critical infrastructure maintenance costs
  • Lower total cost of ownership

Learn how DartPoints works (for business services or for building owners), or contact us directly for immediate answers.

Data Center Users

Distributed micro data center structure puts the power back in your hands, without the costs; and we can start today.

Building Owners

Put a professionally built-and-managed micro data center, fully compliant with the most rigorous industry and regulatory certifications, on-site at no cost to you.