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Empowering the Evolution of Healthcare

Data has revolutionized the way doctors and patients interact, creating flexibility in all forms of healthcare. The rise of tele-health and digital records have emphasized network reliability issues, bandwidth congestion, and latency that many healthcare systems face. Put medical technology at the forefront and provide patients with first-class care by joining a DartPoints’ Edge data center.

How to save a life

Lifesaving Technology at the Edge

The swift, digital evolution of healthcare coupled with the growing need for reliable network connectivity has put stress on the healthcare industry and first responders. With valid connectivity and instant access to data, healthcare professionals can provide effective medical care and drastically improve patient outcomes

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Improved Diagnostics

Physicians strategize remotely with top specialists to provide fast and accurate diagnostics.

Accessible Telehealth

The Edge enables patients and physicians to video conference without interruption.

Easy Scheduling

Schedule follow-ups and appointments from anywhere, on any device.

Secure Medication

Pharmacists dispense proper medication dosages & reduce adverse reactions.

Remote Surgeries

Achieve successful technological and robotic procedures with near-zero latency.

Real-time Charting

Real-time charting enables healthcare professionals & patients to stay updated.

Robust Triage

Reduced latency enables quicker triage in the field with life-saving equipment.

Reliable Monitoring

Increased bandwidth provides continuous EEG, ventilator, EKG, and vital equipment monitoring.

HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA Self-Assessment assistance for clients in our SOC 2 compliant data centers

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Edge Computing Innovates Healthcare

DartPoints’ Edge colocation data centers harness the power of Edge computing to enable vital advancements in healthcare technology. Our secure and compliant facilities store, process, and deliver the medical data you need so patients get the superior healthcare they deserve.

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