Government Thrives at the Edge

Edge Computing Applications

Interconnection for Community Growth 

Infrastructure like roads, bridges, fire stations, and schools are needed for communities to thrive. What’s often overlooked are facilities that support the improvement of technology and the accessibility of data. Edge Interconnection Data Centers not only attract families and businesses to your city, they also improve the lives of your current residents. Whether it’s minimizing latency so everyone can use the internet without frustration, or improving healthcare, safety, and education, discussing what DartPoints can do for your town is worth a committee meeting.

Emergency Services

Edge computing allows for an officer’s body cam video feed to be compressed and encoded locally, so data is uploaded quickly and without issue.


By providing excellent internet coverage and quick cloud access, you can attract large companies and bring more jobs to your community.


Protect customer’s credit card information by sending it to a nearby edge computing facility for immediate processing rather than having it travel a longer distance where it could possibly be intercepted.

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Create a Smart City with Colocation

The Edge Enables New Technology

Connectivity from mobile devices and autonomous cars to other applications like traffic lights and energy grids is on the horizon. With near-instant data exchange via the edge, communities can utilize these advancements to improve energy distribution, decrease road congestion, streamline trash collection, improve air quality, and experience the full benefits of being an interconnected city.

A network-neutral edge interconnection data center is the first piece of the puzzle. Network service providers, cloud providers, and content providers will flock to where these facilities are to create jobs and introduce this life-changing technology.

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Where Can We Build Your Edge?