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Online gaming is one of the fastest-growing forms of entertainment. Content providers have capitalized on this growth in major markets but often find it challenging to connect with customers in suburbs and small towns due to latency issues. Without having data centers in close proximity, near-zero latency is impossible, and adoption rates suffer. Don’t let legacy network lag keep players from getting the win.

Latency Causes Frustration

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More Players

By 2020, there’s expected to be over 57 million online gamers.

Win Them Over

DartPoints’ helps you provide a high-quality experience to everyone who wants to play.

More Revenue

80% of gamers are willing to pay for multiple subscriptions.

Satisfy Customers

Enable blazing-fast speeds to keep customers happy and renewing subscriptions.

More Mobile Users

84% of social gaming is now done via a mobile device.

Grow Your Network

Our inner circle has network and cloud providers you can peer with to promote access everywhere.
Everybody wins

Power Up Live Game Streaming

With gaming services moving to a streaming model, you need a reliable data center solution. Our Edge interconnection data centers enable you to provide a high-quality, interactive gaming experience across all devices and locations. Power up your network infrastructure with Dartpoints.

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