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Edge Computing for Emerging Tech

Advancing technologies like AI, IoT, 5G, and Robotics require a change in how data is processed and delivered as they cannot function properly in a high-latency environment. DartPoints’ Edge Data Centers bring ultimate computing power and data processing capabilities closer to the end user to deliver reliable, unparalleled performance.

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the logical Future of AI

Enhance Performance. Improve Lives.

Artificial Intelligence is used to make complex decisions in place of human cognition, creating robust outcomes that save time and reduce human error. AI logic is integral in the advancement of diagnostics, transportation, defense, aeronautics, and overall quality of life. DartPoints’ Edge colocation data centers provide the infrastructure and connectivity AI relies on to operate effectively.

Industrial IoT and AI

Leverage Growth with Edge Applications​

By leveraging a local DartPoints data center, manufacturers gain opportunities to monitor and automate complex processes for a dramatic reduction in both capital and operational expenses.

Maximize Uptime

Smart predictive maintenance can identify the lifespan and replacement of parts.

Reduce Accidents

Electronic monitoring can track operator behavior and disable equipment.

Improve Quality Control

Manufacturing sensors examine products to identify and prevent unwanted variations.

Operate Remotely

Digitally connected facilities allow managers to virtually monitor production.

Optimize Supply Chain

RFID tags monitor inventory and track the movement of supplies throughout facilities.

Utilize AI

Automate a variety of tasks using robots and technologies that require instant feedback.

Interconnect Brilliantly

IoT & Smart Cities Redefine Living

IoT and smart devices enable connectivity that makes our lives easier and more automated. Most of us use Alexa, Google Assistant, smart TVs, Nest thermostats, smart vehicles, and medical monitors daily to send and receive information, order necessities, and make our homes comfortable.  

Smart Cities use interconnected technology like sensors and video cameras to send data instantly for traffic management, waste management, energy distribution, and public service to ensure communities are safe, healthy, and connected when it counts. By expanding the Edge, we have made it easier for Smart Cities and IoT to provide technology for the masses. 

Iot And Smart Cities

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