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Education, Meet Edge Computing

As online schooling and remote exams have become the new norm, the need for internet access and high-speed data is more important than ever. Students in small towns experience greater latency and have a propensity to lose internet connection with virtual learning platforms, causing them to fall behind in their courses and miss deadlines. Every student from kindergarten to grad school deserves equal and reliable data access to complete classroom assignments, take exams, learn with their peers, and ensure academic success. We meet this need.
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High Speed Data Helps Faculty Too

Teachers are juggling the responsibility of managing students in the classroom and students learning remotely, while also struggling with latency issues. By adding Edge data centers and providing access to high-speed data, everything that happens in the classroom will be translated instantly online for remote learners, minimizing and streamlining faculty workload.

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DartPoints’ Edge data centers enable the education industry to:

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Connectivity Schools Can Count On

DartPoints is pushing the envelope to build Edge data centers in markets that need them most. Edge computing brings data closer to schools and students, eliminating the distance it must travel and the latency that follows. Ultimately, we empower schools and education platforms to achieve better student outcomes by building and operating Edge data centers where they’re beneficial.

Edge Data Connectivity For Schools

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