Agriculture Is More Interconnected at the Edge

Latency Affects Agriculture

Better Connection, Thriving Farms

Seeding, fertilizing, and harvesting are often automated with precise measurement equipment to ensure that every inch of land produces the greatest yield possible. Poultry and dairy farms also rely on similar technology to ensure their livestock is properly fed, maintained, and growing at a healthy rate.

If this equipment loses signal or encounters extreme latency, production is impacted. This downtime reduces profits for the farmer and drives up prices at the grocery store. DartPoints’ Edge Interconnection Data Centers enable quick and reliable connections in even the most remote locations while also empowering companies to continue to advance technology.

Bring Your Network to the Edge & Create Growth

Farm Connectivity

Helping You Grow Profit Organically

We’ve opened the door to network expansion for our ecosystem partners and enabled them to deliver high-speed data that livestock and agricultural farmers desperately need. Don’t wait until the next digital transformation occurs before establishing yourself in rural markets. We’ve minimized barriers of tier 2 – 4 market entry with a shared-cost model, local peering, and infrastructure as a service.
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