Accelerate Cloud Access, Enhance Service

Evolving Enterprises Depend on the Cloud

Edge Computing & Limitless Cloud Access The Enterprise Dream Team​

As enterprises operationally evolve, expand into new markets, and allow personnel to work remotely, the demand for greater cloud storage and file sharing access drastically increases. This heightened demand puts additional stress on smaller markets to acquire access and speeds equivalent to what major markets achieve.  

Risky Individual Expansion

CAPEX & OPEX Overload 

Rapidly deploy infrastructure using your own resources and capital.

Expansion With DartPoints

Cashing In

Colocate at our edge data centers where you need them, so you can scale quickly.

Go to Networking Groups

Navigate peering with providers in new areas and invest the time to develop those relationships.

Built-In Friends

Leverage new relationships and local peering with ecosystem partners ready to thrive with you.

Hide Your Data, Hide Your Servers

Maintain responsibility for securing data, and maximizing uptime.

Facilities Like Fort Knox

Enjoy full compliance with 24 x 7 CCTV monitoring, dual authentication entry, and individually secured cabinets with an SLA agreement.

our colocation, your cloud

Migrate to the Edge and Deliver

Businesses and individuals are storing substantial amounts of data in the cloud. We give you the infrastructure to make your cloud storage services accessible and responsive for everyone and evolve alongside you to meet your future needs with precision.

network service operators edge colocation

Cutting Edge Facilities

Our colocation edge data centers feature state-of-the-art security and ultimate power & cooling capabilities to protect your critical infrastructure in any environment.

Improved Performance

We put you closer to your audience so you can deliver data faster and create incredible user experiences.

Pay as you Grow

Our multi-tenant, shared-cost model minimizes barriers of entry & mitigates financial risk, so you can confidently and quickly expand into markets.

The Inner Circle

Our carrier-neutral partner ecosystem is provided a secure and reliable facility for scalable and collective growth, not competition.

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