Who We Serve

Colocation data centers

Interconnecting Communities & Industries

Since 2012, DartPoints has envisioned a world where everyone has equal opportunity to connect, communicate, and experience the brilliance that surrounds us. Empowered by possibility while recognizing and meeting the need for cost-efficient and performance-driven interconnection points. With over 170 colocation data centers on the horizon, we’re dropping a few pins for a big purpose.

Ecosystem Partners

Our Space, Your Data

As an colocation data center operator, we help everyone from large network operators to CDN providers enhance user experience and extend network reach. Through a shared-cost model and collaborative mindset, our partner ecosystem works together to transform the way people live.

Industries We Elevate

It’s Bigger Than 1s and 0s

Data is more than text messages, videos, and emails. Our clients inspire  the next generation of students in classrooms, collect vitals and save lives using remote triage, harness agricultural automation to maximize yields, and push the technological envelope to continually make our quality of life better.

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