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High Connectivity, Low Latency

DartPoints was founded with the goal of bringing unparalleled access to everyone, everywhere. Our solutions provide low latency connectivity for network service operators, cloud providers, content providers, content delivery networks and enterprises, allowing you to access your data regardless of where it is and where you are.

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Edge Colocation

Your Catalyst for Connectivity

The explosive demand on data has created nationwide data delivery challenges, exposing the massive need for reliable connectivity. DartPoints’ carrier-neutral data centers solve these challenges in real-time by enabling data storage, processing and execution at the Edge.

DartPoints & DE-CIX IXP Powerhouse

IXP Is Taking Over the Edge

DartPoints provides the physical infrastructure or internet exchange point (IXP) where carriers, internet service providers, content delivery networks, enterprises, hosting companies, and hyperscale cloud providers connect locally. 

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Edge Colocation Content Providers
Network Services

Connecting You With Your Data

DartPoints’ dedicated network is built to provide the most scalable, redundant, high-performance and cost-effective way for our clients to connect to our data centers and meet their business requirements. This internet access platform is highly available, flexible and redundant, with geographically and electronically diverse Tier 1 optic providers.

Multi-Cloud Connector

Easily Connect to a Web of Providers

With the Multi-Cloud Connector, you are able to implement a hybrid, multi-cloud or cloud-to-cloud strategy without the challenge of provisioning and managing it yourself. Instead, you get a low-latency global software-defined network which allows you to seamlessly connect to leading cloud services and providers via a virtual cross connect.

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