How to Choose the BEST Disaster Recovery Provider?

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Disaster Recovery Provider Checklist

Disaster Recovery plans are crucial to a company’s success, so choosing your provider is not a decision to be taken lightly. 

The best provider for you will depend on your needs, but there are a few things you should always keep in mind. 

As a tool to assist you in selecting the right disaster recovery provider, we have developed this Disaster Recovery Provider Checklist.

Industry Experience

A provider backed by years of experience and a strong reputation as an industry leader understands your needs and can guide you in developing a plan that best mitigates risk.

Cloud-Based DR Services

Look for a provider that not only helps you identify your mission-critical servers and space requirements, but also ensures your data is available when you need it, with hourly replication, bi-annual testing, and flexible RPOs and RTOs.

Colocation-Based DR Services

A provider that offers geodiversity through colocation means you choose the data center that fits your needs in a location that fits your needs while being appropriately distanced from your primary production location, wherever it is.

Data Center Location & Facility

For ideal disaster recovery, the data center that houses your secondary and tertiary backups should be easily accessible to someone on your team, yet more than 30 miles away from a major metro area.

Power Redundancy

A provider with internet exchange points that enable peering gives you direct access to the networks you need with the added benefits of improved network performance, increased resiliency, and reduced connectivity costs.

Network Redundancy

To gain direct access to the networks you need and enable optimal internet performance even during an emergency and despite heavy traffic, look for a provider with internet exchange points that enable local peering.

Environment Redundancy

During the site selection process, operational leaders should carefully evaluate locations based on climate, environmental conditions, and the probability of a natural disaster.

Security Redundancy

Choose a provider who engineers comprehensive security, backup, and data recovery solutions that are designed to prevent attacks and to help you discover and recover from any attacks that do occur.


Look for a provider that offers a variety of enterprise data center managed services centered around helping you store, access, and protect your valuable data. 24/7/365 on-site support provides additional security and peace of mind.

Extra Amenities

A provider that offers consultative services combined with a robust and reliable solution that works with your existing technology will give you peace of mind that your data, brand and bottom line are always protected.


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