June 14, 2014
The recent explosive growth in demand for data storage, cloud computing and big data is matched only by the surge in demand for data centers; all of which is outpacing the industry’s rate of expansion. New colocation & cloud providers are emerging everywhere and industry veterans are expanding like mad to capitalize on the market,...
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Despite the growing hype surrounding cloud computing, the colocation industry is still far from becoming irrelevant. In fact, a study from IMS Research (an IHS company), projects that demand for colocation will continue to rise significantly over the next several years. “The North American colocation sector generated $6.5 billion in revenue in 2012, and is...
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Hurricane Sandy (2012) proved that disaster recovery is a very real concern which has the potential to exceed even our worst fears. Overnight millions of dollars of hardware was lost at dozens of data centers throughout New York and New Jersey. Over the following few days, millions more were spent keeping those data centers alive,...
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