For Building Owners

On-site, at No Cost to You

Put a professionally built-and-managed micro data center, fully compliant with the most rigorous industry and regulatory certifications, on-site, at no cost to you.

1. Make yourself more attractive to tenants and prospective tenants.

More than just a bullet point on your buildings list of features, an on-site and professionally built-and-managed micro data center will jump appeal tech-savvy businesses looking for leased space.

They will immediately realize that with a DartPoints micro data center on site, you can save them significant capital on IT infrastructure build-outs and decrease the ongoing operational costs and high costs of compliance.

DartPoints is like a technology parking garage for your tenant’s mission-critical IT equipment. That’s not just an incentive for your tenants, but a unique advantage: a cutting-edge, fully compliant, on-site data center that gives them greater power, financial savings, and the additional incentive to stay with you.

2. Save yourself money by eliminating the drain on your resources.

When your tenants move in, they may require certain customizations and tenant improvement dollars to accommodate their tech needs. Often needing special critical infrastructure, custom flooring, and access to building resources to power and cool their equipment. Don’t underestimate the many hidden costs here:

  • Build-outs delay move-ins. Accelerate their move-in and save IT dollars.
  • IT rooms tax your HVAC system. DartPoints’ environmentally green data centers are more efficient by offering a lower PUE than most data centers.
  • Uniquely architected space burdens you with useless rooms that are difficult to lease again without major renovations.

3. Take advantage of it yourself.

Your tenants are not the only ones who stand to benefit by having cutting-edge data centers located on-site. You can reap the exact same rewards of greater convenience, lower cost of ownership and optimized performance for your own building systems and IT equipment.

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