DartPoints brings control and flexibility together in one solution instead of making them compete.

A puzzle begs a solution, and this one has been challenging the data industry for a while: data centers are facing many competing pressures, from capital risk, power challenges, and regulations to the meteoric increase in data, to the continued virtualization of processing power. Until now, companies large and small had two choices: private data center or colocation in a large data center.

Companies had to sacrifice control and security for flexibility and cost efficiency.

Enter DartPoints.

Colocation offers many advantages to data center planners in this situation. With DartPoints distributed colocation, you can put the hardware you want into place anywhere in the US without worrying about how to expand in the future. DartPoints’ nationwide network of fully-supported, scalable, private, demand driven data centers offer users and data center owners a complementary solution to geographically diversify assets, reduce risk of capital, and choose the location which best suits their business and customers.

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