DartPoints Brings Edge Data Centers to New Markets with Schneider Electric.

ANDOVER, Mass., April 27, 2017 /PRNewswire/ — Schneider Electric, the global specialist in energy management and automation, today announced the expansion of its relationship with colocation provider DartPoints to support the company as it branches into five new U.S. markets. Since beginning the relationship in 2014, Schneider Electric custom solutions and technology implementations have helped DartPoints grow its business model and take advantage of new opportunities brought on by the growing demand for edge data center solutions.

Edge Drivers

The emergence of the Internet of Things (IoT) and big data have increased demand for connectivity, speed and processing power, pushing the need for these capabilities closer to the customer and where data is generated, out at the network edge.

Founded on edge infrastructure, DartPoints’ colocation offering consists of customized micro edge data center solutions powered by Schneider Electric technology. With this approach, DartPoints ensures uptime and speed at a lower price and enables clients—from small and medium-sized businesses to Fortune 500 organizations—to deploy the capabilities they need today, with room to expand in the future. This alleviates common physical infrastructure concerns around underutilized square footage, cooling costs and power consumption, while managing IT needs.

“Our key business driver is going wherever the customer is located and bringing applications there to drive latency down and reduce cost,” said Hugh Carspecken, CEO, DartPoints. “Schneider Electric’s edge solutions enable us to easily build to a user’s needs without the compatibility issues that full customization requires, while streamlining design and construction for quick deployment, flexibility and scale. Furthermore, the resiliency and reliability of their products withstands the hardest of infrastructure challenges and makes it possible for us to maintain and even exceed our service standards and service level agreements.”

To provide clients with highly flexible and resilient infrastructure that is easy to replicate and scale based on customer demand in as little as 45 days, DartPoints leverages Schneider Electric micro edge data center products and solutions, including:

Symmetra™ PX 100 UPS: A scalable, fault-tolerant three-phase uninterruptible power supply (UPS) offering high efficiency, performance and availability.
InRow Cooling: Significantly improves cooling efficiency by reducing power consumption while also increasing capacity and offering the ability to support higher rack density.
EcoAisle Containment: Increases data center cooling efficiency while protecting critical IT equipment and data center personnel from thermal events.
StruxureWare™ Data Center Expert: Provides centralized management and reporting at every level of the infrastructure, including temperature, airflow, humidity and security.
From vision to reality

Initially commissioned with Schneider Electric as a Dallas-based proof of concept facility in 2014, the DartPoints model has moved from idea to reality, resulting in significant growth within just a few years.

“When DartPoints first came to us, they were looking to bring a model to market that was different from the traditional colocation business, offering the same economies of scale as the larger data centers but with a smaller footprint,” said Mike Hagan, Vice President, Sales – IT Division, Schneider Electric. “It was a challenge, but one we were confident could be achieved working together through our integrated product set and services.”

Throughout more than two years of testing, DartPoints has successfully delivered fully redundant 100kW systems—either on-premise within a building or on-site at a campus of buildings in its 24/7 colocation offering. Across deployed customers, DartPoints’ edge model has delivered a 30–40 percent reduction in total cost of ownership. A savings that is expected to be even greater as time goes on, with an estimated three-year total cost of ownership savings of 35–45 percent.

As demand for its colocation services continues to grow, DartPoints plans to expand into five new markets, including Phoenix, Las Vegas, St. Paul, Minnesota, Kansas City, Kansas, and the Greater New York area. It also expects to double in revenue and size in 2017.

For information about Schneider Electric’s partnership with DartPoints, visit:

About Schneider Electric

Schneider Electric is the global specialist in energy management and automation. With revenues of ~$26 billion US (~€25 billion) in FY2016, our 144,000+ employees serve customers in over 100 countries, helping them to manage their energy and process in ways that are safe, reliable, efficient and sustainable. From the simplest of switches to complex operational systems, our technology, software and services improve the way our customers manage and automate their operations. Our connected technologies reshape industries, transform cities and enrich lives. At Schneider Electric, we call this Life Is On.

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Mobile Edge Computing Creates ‘Tiny Data Centers’ at the Edge

Comments on the article from DartPoints CEO Hugh Carspecken:

“The key that we are seeing here, now, is the vast amount of data that is
being “produced” at the edge. We have been comfortable with this, since
the smartphone. The key shift, here, is the vast amount of data that
will need to be “processed” at the edge. DartPoints is working with MEC
to create interconnected environments to allow their platforms to grow.”

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The Future of the Edge is Edge Data

Comments on the article from DartPoints CEO Hugh Carspecken:

“DartPoints is seeing more and more users placing their data at the edge, for their particular, corporate needs. They are doing so for performance reasons or security reasons or both. What is interesting is that this growing presence of Edge Data is quickly evolving and being adopted into exactly the real-time apps that will birth technology of tomorrow, such as self-driving cars.”

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70% of Respondents Said They Plan on Deploying CORD in the CO

Comments on the article from DartPoints CEO Hugh Carspecken:

“I find the premise that access (to the customer) lines that feed into Central Offices represent the next-hop to a micro cloud node very interesting. Though a potential logistical challenge for carriers, their customers need (downstream AND upstream) for better performance is clearly driving this thought process.”

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DartPoints Integrates Critical Infrastructure Technology Directly into the Enterprise Customer with Data Centers Right on the Premises

DartPoints integrates critical infrastructure technology directly into the enterprise customer with data centers right on the premises. This gives customers all the advantages of an off-premise data center – all onsite. See how DartPoints builds micro data centers that meet customer needs and leads the way in edge computing.

Hugh Carspecken, CEO of DartPoints, Presents the Importance of Driving Edge Computing

Hugh Carspecken, CEO of DartPoints, presents the importance of driving edge computing – the evolution of applications, how customers employ applications and the need for data analytics. With the increasing demand of online video and sensors, the need for edge computing is rapidly growing. See how DartPoints is leading the way in edge computing infrastructure via micro data centers.

Colocation Goes to the Edge

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DartPoints Brings Schneider Electric Edge Data Center Solutions to Where You Are

Executive Summary
Leveraging Schneider Electric’s edge data center solutions, Dallas-Fort Worth based DartPoints offers customized edge infrastructure solutions with site-specific colocation capabilities for businesses.
When starting a company, especially one that’s disrupting a traditional business model, the market often responds with skepticism at first. This includes not only prospective customers but potential technology partners as well.
Hugh Carspecken, CEO of DartPoints, who has history as an entrepreneur, understood this when he launched a new type of colocation company in 2012. That’s why he first created a strong proof-of-concept and then focused on finding a provider that was willing to partner through the ups and downs of building out the offerings. It’s why he chose Schneider Electric.

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Bringing the Cloud to a Business Near You

Posted by Prayson Pate on March 17, 2016

We just announced the use of Ensemble Orchestrator and Connector in DartPoints’ micro data center deployments. This deployment is generating a lot of interest because it’s a bold use of network functions virtualization (NFV) for service delivery. While everyone’s talking about NFV and service innovation, DartPoints is deploying it. The DartPoints use case is really interesting, so let me tell you a little bit about it.

DartPoints is deploying micro data centers that are co-located with their customers. DartPoints’ customers are typically small- to medium-sized businesses that are looking for cost-effective ways to create data centers that can be customized for their particular business needs. By co-locating with DartPoints, a business gets exactly what it needs at a fraction of the cost of developing a data center on its own. Why is co-location so valuable for customers? Why is NFV important for this application – and why is the micro data center application important for NFV? To answer those questions, let’s take a look at how things were done before.

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New Breed of Carrier Chooses ADVA Ensemble* for Intel-Powered NFV Solutions

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DartPoints* is a data center innovator, having pioneered micro data centers aimed at small and medium businesses that need a highly convenient data center that offers tier-1 services. After a successful company launch, DartPoints turned to Intel® Network Builders partner ADVA Optical Networking* for a turnkey network functions virtualization (NFV) solution to help scale its business nationwide and expand the service offerings.

To offer its customers the best performance at the most competitive prices, DartPoints has created the industry’s first “NFV-enabled micro data center,” an innovative concept that places data center and colocation (colo) facilities in the same building where its customers are located. Colocating private cloud services improves scale and management of individual cloud instances, while enabling low latency, high-bandwidth, and secure connectivity without crossconnects— all of which are key differentiators of DartPoints’ micro data centers. But the micro data center offers the same computing, data recovery, and other services as millionsquare- foot, tier-1 competitors with equivalent service levels and reliability, including complete compliance and security and carrier-neutral access to Internet or WAN services.
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ADVA and DartPoints Define a Realistic Model for Distributed NFV Data Centers

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When ADVA bought Overture Networks, one of the six companies who I believe has a full-spectrum NFV solution that can make a business case, I was critical of the fact that they seemed to be positioning Overture as a limited extension to the carrier Ethernet business. Now they’ve made their positioning clearer with an announcement that DartPoints, a supplier of on-premises micro-datacenters, has selected the ADVA Ensemble NFV products as a key element in their service plans. This goes a long way toward establishing ADVA’s commitment to NFV, and it makes an important point about NFV too.

One of the most difficult challenges that NFV, in its vCPE guise, faces is getting out of the CPE edge device and into the cloud. The business case for deploying agile CPE is only slightly related to that of NFV, and the technology for NFV is overkill if all your VNFs are going to do is squat in the customer edge device and wait to be changed around. NFV technology is valuable when VNFs have to be more spread around.
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